CARE Advisory is a Division of CARE Advisory Research and Training Limited (CART). a subsidiary of CARE Ratings Limited, leading credit rating and information services company in India. The Division is manned by top quality professionals in finance/management stream with extensive experience in infrastructure, manufacturing, finance and service sectors. CARE Advisory offers its clients pragmatic solutions – solutions that are legally tenable, technically feasible, commercially attractive and financially viable.
  • TEV Studies
  • Financial Appraisal of Project
  • Enterprise Valuation

TEV study is undertaken to examine technical, commercial and financial viability of the project. TEV study is usually undertaken by an independent third party to enhance the acceptability of the Report. A TEV study can be undertaken for a green-field project, for expansion or at the time of restructuring of a loan.

Scope of work includes:

  • Management Assessment
  • Technical Assessment of Project
  • Industry Assessment
  • Project Rational & Appraisal
  • Financial Appraisal
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies & SWOT Analysis

Financial appraisal is an objective evaluation of the profitability and financial strength of a Business unit.

Scope of work includes:

  • Company Analysis
  • Project Rational & Appraisal
  • Industry Assessment
  • Customer Analysis
  • Financial Appraisal
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies & SWOT Analysis

With attractive valuations and resurgent equity markets, mergers and acquisitions have become the order of the day. Independent third party valuations are sought by interested parties to facilitate deal structuring and decision making. The studies cover

  • Company Analysis
  • Industry Overview
  • Vetting of Financial Projections
  • Valuation based on different methods
  • Due Diligence Studies
  • Risk Management Strategies
  • Credit Capacity Assessment

With increasing strategic alliances including PPP model, need for independent due diligence studies is on the rise. Both Public sector Private sectors seek such studies. The studies encompass:

  • Company and Promoter / Directors Assessment
  • Verification of CIBIL / RBI wilful defaulters list
  • Past Financial Assessment
  • Major observation on Audited Accounts
  • Site Visits
  • External Feedbacks
  • Intrinsic Value Assessment

Risk Management has become an important and integral aspect of any business to-day. Risk management study involves the following steps:

  • Industry/Company Analysis
  • Risk identification and allocation
  • Risk Quantification
  • Mitigation techniques

With burgeoning activity in the infrastructure sector, investors are looking for independent assessment of financial position of entities in the sector. Such assessment studies cover

  • Service area Profile
  • Operational Analysis
  • Commercial assessment
  • Review of past financial performance
  • Key issues
  • Future Scenario
  • Comparison with similar entities
  • Diagnostic Studies
  • Business Restructuring
  • Bid Process Management

Intensification of competition due to liberalisation and globalization has led to a paradigm shift in the business environment especially for entities operating in a monopolistic/ oligopolistic environment. Diagnostic studies that evaluate performance of companies/entities in a changing environment enable decision makers to chart their future course. Scope of such studies covers:

  • Company Assessment
  • Operational Study
  • Industry Overview
  • Past Financial Performance
  • Regulatory Framework
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Financial Projections
  • Recommendations for future

Reorganisation of business to meet emerging challenges in an efficient manner is a continuous process. Areas covered in this study include:

  • Company and Promoter Analysis
  • Past Performance
  • Assessment of Key issues
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Industry Analysis
  • Formulation of restructuring proposal
  • Financial projections
  • Quantification of gains from restructuring
  • Bid Invitations

In today’s competitive global marketplace, finalizing contracts through inviting tenders helps any entity to explore the available options and choose the best business partner based on his credentials and competitiveness. It also improves transparency while short listing the contractor/suppliers. The scope of work for bid invitations includes:

  • Analysis of exact nature of output expected
  • Technical qualification criteria to be set to target the suitable participants
  • commitments required to ensure the sincerity of bidders
  • evaluating the bids received from various bidders
  • Due Diligence of shortlisted Bidder


  • Bid Submissions

Timely submission of effective bid is important to get the high value contracts. The ability to respond quickly and accurately to the invited bids can gives an added edge to win contracts. Scope covered for preparation and submission of bids include:

  • Going through the tender documents and understanding scope of the work
  • Discussing with the client/ tenderee and gathering required information and supporting
  • Compiling submissions as per the tender requirements
  • Uploading the tender well within the time
  • Participation in online reverse bidding
  • Execution of required documents on award of the tender
  • Corporate Advisory
  • Lenders Independent Engineers (LIE) Report

CART provides various corporate advisory services base on the requirement from the client. Various corporate advisory services are enlisted as below:

  • Preparation of Feasibility Studies Report: This report will look at how a certain proposal can work in a long-term basis or endure financial risks that may come.
  • Preparation of Detail Project Report: Detail Project Report is a complete document for Investment decision making, approvals, planning and implementation of the project.
  • Preparation of Business plan / Information Memorandum: Business plan is an important tool to investment decisions / expansion plan of the company / it helps in articulate a strategy for starting business.
  • Computation of Cost of Capital: Cost of capital is the measurement of the sacrifice made by investors in order to invest with a view to get a fair return in future on his investments as a reward for the postponement of his present needs.
  • Investment of Surplus Fund: Advisory services in area of analysing the various investments options including the product features and returns trends which helps any treasury division to choose the suitable investments.

Banks and financial institutions require monitoring & an independent review of the progress of the projects. This includes the assessment of the technical aspects of the projects. The scope of work includes:

  • On-site visits for observation of work in progress to determine that the project is proceeding in general accordance with the project schedule and that the construction work is accomplished in accordance with the technical specification.
  • After on site visit, submission of progress report to the bank outlining all activities completed and will provide an independent assessment of the project status.